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Developing and Promoting Chemotypic Methodologies
About Us
Pannanugget is a small limited-liability company founded by Dr. Mark Johnson in 2001 as a means of developing and promoting tools and concepts in chemotypic analysis.

Mark has a Ph.D. in experimental statistics and over 35 years experience in drug discovery research. He was an early developer and promoter of molecular similarity methodologies, co-editing Concepts and Applications of Molecular Similarity with Gerald Maggiora in 1990 as well as an early promoter within the pharmaceutical community of Spotfire DecisionSite as a visual data-mining tool for drug discovery. In the late 90s, Mark began developing the notion of molecular equivalence classes whose members are now referred to as chemotypes. In 2001 he founded Pannanugget Consulting with the purpose of developing and promoting chemotypic methodologies with supporting software.

Pannanugget Consulting licenses Meqi II, a fully annotated template-based programming environment for specifying, generating and manipulating a wide variety of chemotypic indices. A scaled-down, but fully functional freeware version is available in MeqiLite. In addition to the material and files available through our downloads, we provide training and consulting in the applying and interfacing chemotypic methodologies in all aspects of drug-discovery research.

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